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tv   [untitled]    April 3, 2012 7:30am-8:00am PDT

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>> i have a couple of more questions. i know that the panelists have agreed to stay after for those who have specific questions. i do have one question for wells fargo. what are the typical rules for applying for sba loan of less than $50,000? how much money do we need to have in your bank to apply for a loan? >> i am on the smaller side of the bank. i am a transaction guy. i do not technically require one to have an account to do a loan with. what i look for, i generally start at 100,000 and up. when it is a requirement of 50,000 or less, i tend to call of the micro guys to help me out. that is right in their box.
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for us, the capacity for us to do the smaller side is not there as much as it is for them. on getting a loan through my side of the bank, i do not require an account to do that. we would like to have it, but i do not require it. >> last question for the opportunity fund and a critic representative. are you a cdfi? is san francisco and s.p.a. in support of cdfi's being established in san francisco? >> yes, we are. we were founded in 1999 with a small business loan. that is how we started our tenderloin office.
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>> opportunity fund is a certified cdfi, so we are providing a benefit to low and moderate-income communities. he is the city establishing support for new cdfi's? >> mark wanted to address that, in support of cdfi's in the city. >> we have a wealth of partners in the city. s.p.a. is just now rolling out a program for r -- will be the case by the summer. let me get one last point and on the question about relationships to lenders. the question was, do have to
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have an account with a bank in order to get a loan? may answer is no, but the real answer to it is certainly want to do that. one of the things we see as an important thing for you, as a small-business person to establish a relationship with a lender on a variety of levels before you look for funding. part of that is opening an account with them, letting a lender know about your business, understand your business, talk to them as you are growing your business. when the economy is strong, all lenders are shopping for transactions. in times are tough on credit, you want to rely on those deeper liberation ships with your lender. you want to develop a relationship with a lender. it is the case where you want to open up an account, while to have another bank services that you want to have a relationship with your lender with it because
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when you go to them for any loan requests, you want them to know about your business and feel like they are a partner of yours, not just that you are shopping them. if you are shopping, you are just looking for the best deal from them, rather than a long- term relationship. >> i want to thank everyone for coming. hopefully, you have all signed up for our updates. we are going to be hosting these on a regular basis. the next two coming up will focus on becoming a government contractor, how your small business can partner with the government. the next one will also be on how to grain your business, with tax -- green your business, tax credits available with that. for non-profit, charitable organizations, we have a workshop coming up.
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that is helpful for those of you who are looking to access the committee on a durable basis. >> also, on behalf of leader pelosi, i want to thank our panel and her staff. we are tenants in this building. i apologize for the security situation that happened upstairs. if you have concerns about it, please come and see me. i would like to convey those to the landlord here so that it does not happen again. thank you.
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>> good morning goodell i work on the central market partnership team. we are excited to welcome dottie's cafe here. our mayor is here to start the show. >> good morning, and welcome to dottie's cafe write that sixth and market. i am glad to be here with a supervisor ki r dm b dubie director, oewd, and our community ambassadors. then with our deputy chief of police. we're all here to make the hard announcement, because this is a soft opening before i knew about it, that dottie's cafe decided
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to move here. a year ago, this was a passion cafe. i had lunch here with a couple of commissioners and felt very comfortable with it a year ago as we saw the changes that were bringing -- that were in collaboration with business partners, neighbors, business owners, the community benefits districts, and market changes. i think the move here that dottie's cafe has decided to take. from joan street, they grew to twice the square footage. they now have 24 employees to operate the restaurant. standing next to me is kurt. congratulations for wonderful decision. the lines are already out, and you're twice as big. this is wonderful. i want to make it official. on behalf of the city, behalf of our board and the city working
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together to make this whole area revitalized with our arts world, with our nonprofits, and then with a lot of tech companies that are moving in and having their employees, even now, we can start the day at dottie's cafe, go through the middle with pearl's burgers, and in the evening a hot dog. then showdown's tavern at the end of the night. you have a complete menu of places to visit. this is another part of our effort in opening up and supporting the opening of dottie's cafe. i am sure you you will be successful, because i have been trying to variety-ize my breakfast places, and this will
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be on my agenda. one of early-morning meetings, according to my wife, breakfast is the most important meal. i know this will be here. i also wanted to make sure that you knew that you were here as part of a collaboration of different entities. community ambassadors started showing up right here and along the corridor to help people. over 2700 contacts with residents with visitors, business people already. they have worked hand in hand with our police. in fact, here are a couple of the edo instances, thing that they have done to help residents, visitors, constituents with the traditionally hard aspects of this area, and have made it more welcoming for everyone. i know that is of tremendous interest for supervisor kim, who is working with me to make sure we have a high level of pedestrian safety all through
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the sixth street corridor, but also is enjoyed with our collaboration working with companies like twitter. those employees who you will see on a regular basis will come here to enjoy your cuisine. i also know there will be questions about anticipating the sixth street substation here. we made a promise, and i will keep that promise. what we have done in the past few weeks is we work with what we had with our free development agency, their assets and debts, and we have decided to isolate the moneys that have been dedicated at redevelopment for the sixth street substation, capture that as the transition turned over to the city. supervisor kim, you will want to hear this clearly. we are going to build that
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substation. in fact, to expedite that, we are sending in the dpw staff to review the bids that were taken, not signed by the redevelopment agency because they could not get that far because of the dissolution of the agency, have that reviewed, and see what the work force can do that the money has come over to the city side, to expedite the work at the substation. i assure you we will get this done in short order. i cannot tell you exactly when, but we are already looking at what we can do to expedite the process. i know the substation is invaluable to our overall plan. not only community policing, but the collaboration, the presence that is needed. you will probably inherit even more city personnel, providing hearty breakfast this.
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-- breakfasts. we have all the elements here to not only breed success, but assurances for the promises we made in cooperation with our old redevelopment agency, get carried out with our office of economic development. i am so glad that you represent that kind of private investment confident that we want to have. just like pearls, twitter, and one year ago when we sat down and asked, what do you want to do about tax exemption for mid market, this is the vision that we had. we will make sure that we go through every detail possible. welcome to the neighborhood again. now i get to do something.
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the most important thing. we are declaring this dottie's true blue cafe de in the tenderloin and san francisco, and mid market. by the way, i used to wash dishes, too. i know how hard it is. >> thank you, mayor. jane kim is also here to say a few words. >> i think you will see a lot of city hall employees here. it is only about seven minutes from city hall. mayor lee said many of the things i would have said. people often ask me, how this commitment to sixth street and mid market has been any different from before. for decades, we have been
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talking about the commitment to six street. i think we are really starting to see this today. it is an unprecedented gathering of agencies, folks, city hall, in this corridor. i want to recognize the police department, dpw, urban solutions, which had been harboring with us to lower the vacancy rate. we have residents here who have been organizing around multiple issues, including pedestrian safety, and let multiple agencies on a tour of sixth street, to show how we can improve things here. i think that commitment will show that things are different. i am excited about what we have here. incredible to have dottie's
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here. one of the important things about any business is understanding the fabric of where they are coming in. not changing it, but enhancing it. it is a low-income neighborhood, we have residents that have incredible needs. recognizing that they will be working with the community to build a business here. i appreciate you coming here. there are a lot of businesses that have invested here. really excited about what we will see over the next couple of years. i will definitely be here for lunch multiple times. [applause] >> next we have muhammed new rule -- nuru. >> how about a big hand for mayor lee for the work he has
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done in revitalizing this corridor? [applause] i have had the pleasure to work with mayor lee for over 12 years. we have been working up and down the street. since he became mayor, he had been putting a lot of effort down here. he is making sure this place is a revitalized. through our work, in many neighborhoods in san francisco, when i got a call from the mayor that he wanted to improve the standards here, i said, no problem sir. the corridor standard is something that we launched three years ago where we went into many of the corridors and put in sweepers. this is not a new concept. it has been done in many cities. the court or worker concept is someone who works with businesses, tells them what is expected of them, helps to keep the area clean, remove
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graffiti, makes sure the sidewalks are clean, and report any problems. we are very happy to partner in that. the other project that we have also been asked to play a role and is the revitalization of the substation. we will take the lead and look at the drawings that have been put forth, look at where they are at, and then we will bring in our crews to begin work and make sure that that is up and running as well. congratulations to everyone. looking forward to have some snacks on a regular basis. i will make sure that the rest of the staff also knows about your shop. thank you very much. looking forward to being a part of the community. [applause] >> i just want to say thank you to everyone in the neighborhood, mayor's office, urban solutions. all the businesses on the street, everyone has been welcoming and supportive. it feels like home for us.
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we are excited to grow into this space. we see a bright future here. thank you once again. [applause] >> we have jenny hear from urban solutions also. after that, we encourage you to go downstairs for breakfast, either here or at another local establishment. >> mayor lee, your commitment to public safety, to clean streets, to small business, and to job creation is very much needed here in the central market. i see many people here who have been living and working here for years, who have been concerned, with the end of the redevelopment agency, services to the neighborhood would end. your commitment to make it a priority to continue funding the substation, street cleaning,
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the ambassador's comments is very meaningful and very welcome here. we hope that you continue to make this area a priority. i welcome dottie's here today. there pancakes are legendary. we are thrilled to have you here, we welcome you with open arms and hungary -- hungry tummies. i also want to thank steve barton who bought and renovated this place, turning it into a beautiful place. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you very much. we appreciate you coming in to patronize all of the wonderful central market and sixth street businesses. the mayor is going to sample some pastries here, too.
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